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Scottish Contemporary Artist | Alison McWhirter


Alison McWhirter Artist
After Renoir's Palette McWhirter 2023 100cmx100cm oil on linen
Covent Garden 100cmx100cm
After Frida Kahlo’s Palette 100cmx100cm
Poppies and Superstar Roses against Jamur Pink 40cmx40cm oil on linen
Peony, Sunflower and Wildflowers against Yellow Grey 40cmx40cm
Peonies against scarlet lake yellow 60cmx60cm
Peonies against Permanent Orange 60cmx60cm
Garden Peonies against Pale Umber 40cmx40cm
Flaming June Rose, Elecampane and Sunflowers 40cmx40cm
Peonies against Duck Egg Blue 60cmx60cm
Dad's Peace Roses 50cmx50cm
Sunflower, Chicory and Coralroot 50cmx50cm
Waterlily Tulips 40cmx40cm
Superstar Roses, Sunflowers, Moon Daisy and Hare Bell 50cmx50cm
Peonies against Pale Umber 40cmx40cm
September Sweet Peas